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Maulana Tariq jamil is a well respected,prominent and devoted religious scholar. His speeches and sermons, though delivered in simple and plain words, are knowledgable, scholarly and thought-provoking. In his many lectures, Maulana Tariq jamil has discussed the basic principles and practices of Islam in great detail. e.g. Iman (belief and faith), Salaah (prayer), Saum (fasting), Haj (Pilgrimage to Makkaah Mukarramah) and Zakat. The cds complied from his lectures, apart from dealing with the topics above, also include decrees and suggestions about various extraordinary or complicated questions. The explanation given is in an easy, pleasent and clear manner in the light and sprit of Qur'an and Sunnah keeping in mind the world and times of today.

Learn Quran online from being on your PC from reliable Hafiz

Maulana Tariq jamil, A well known Islamic Scholar from Pakistan. He represents Tableeghi Jama'at, a non political party, preaching Islamic values. His lectures are simple yet very powerful for inner peace & satisfaction. I urge all urdu understanding brothers to listen to him. He will change your outlook in life. (Believe me I am 100% sure)
Learn Quran online from being on your PC from reliable Hafiz
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